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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow busy ness

Cabin fever blues- the crap you do when trapped inside.
Well take pix for one- pointless with poor lighting but it documents how cold it is!
Kitchen door inside and storm door display of ICE

I hope the sun that is out today will defrost the door handle.


Made some cookies that only I would like- why I didn't take pix of them baked? who knows.
recipe modified from Laurel's Kitchen- no eggs no dairy no nuts.


a peek out the kitchen door yesterday when it would open a few inches.


Today's peek out front -trash barrel on side- thrills.I love firefox- I just closed this tab accidentally and got it back! phew.

sewed a hat together. One I have labored over with small needles and wool yarn, it fits - hey I am happy.


so now to the "necessity is the mother of..." part of my life. I do not own digital scales nor bathroom scales and do not want either in the apartment. I bet they card you to by digital these days with majority of the users being drug dealers. ha ha ha. So I usually buy a skein of yarn and roll it into 2 balls for 2 projects. I can eye ball it pretty well see this photo of what was left over with the leg warmers. on left a kite tail left- on right a small ball leftover. So yesterday I had plenty of time to be obsessive about a new skein and spent most of the day visualizing ways to weigh the yarn without a scale.

weighing without a scale. Laugh if you will-I burned a few brain cells with this solution. LOL

a coat hanger two plastic bags and hang the sucker until it hangs evenly.

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