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Monday, April 6, 2015

Falmouth Poor House

Falmouth Poor House also known as Alms house, work house and artist colony.The rules were pretty simple if you did the work assigned to you you had a roof over your head and food. If you refused to do the simple work or were troublesome to the rest of the household they could hire you out for hard labor.
This is located next to the Methodist Society Burial ground on rt 28 in Falmouth. There is a memorial stone inside the cemetery noting the people buried there without a gravestone.

I had heard about the poor house years ago and each town had one. Never knew it was right next door to a cemetery I had documented back in 2010.

I always laugh at the sign about going the "wrong way" it is the road to the police station, full of pot holes and so tempting to turn around illegally and leave.

Will try to find out if the "house" is open to the curious. Looks like a builder occupies the place now.

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