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Monday, April 6, 2015

Harding's- first non windy day of Spring

A spur of the moment walk on Harding's beach this morning after dropping off Netflix.Not a lot of photos but I walked all the way around the curve at the end beyond the lighthouse. On the return walk met up with a couple visiting from western Massachusetts. He had a super camera with a 400 zoom lens. Mine may be a single digit zoom LOL. She is studying business so she can open her own quilt shop. They have a time share near Bass River. I don't think I have talked for 44 minutes non stop in years . Walking and talking is not my strong point but is great exercise for the brain & lungs.

the walk out

approaching the curve from low tide

rounding the bend beyond the stone revetment and the private light house. wow.

it was that yellow rusting piece of equipment that made me trudge on. I was already tired!

the return rust - tarmac- tennis ball- lots of lacquer shells (jingle shells)

then the three of us spied a dead gull- oops no a dead duck. I have never seen a dead duck on this beach or anywhere for that matter.Hope it wasn't the victim of target practice.

Then my trophies: lacquer shells , flat stone, a piece of glass but not "beach glass". Curious why I never find glass. I guess I need a barefoot for that.oh and a golf ball!

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