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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sandwich Boardwalk

Ventured back there on a sunny day.

and in returning took a different route and found the Boston & Sandwich Glass Museum "memorial" among other things. Still didn't get to the Sandwich Glass Museum, probably just as well I hate paying admission :D I wonder if a selfie stick would help in taking photos of large plaques at an angle.

I see a duplicate photo- too bad- not going to even attempt an edit.

Driving down 6A from Chatham take a right onto Liberty road, and it is either Dewey or Factory that lead you to the potholed Boardwalk road. A long board walk leads to a panoramic view of the ocean. There are no railing on most of it and it is narrow. I turned around when a man & a dog approached.

a blue sky would have been nice but...

High tide and a blue sky would have been great.

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