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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mayflower II

Been waiting for this event for over a week. Didn't pin down the day until Tuesday the 19th. And of course the estimate time of day changed with each news source. 9 am Wednesday morning half of the duo I was to meet said it was going to be a 10am appearance. oh swell. It takes me at least an hour to get there. But by 9:30am I had myself in the car headed West to Sandwich. Had to quick haul out the Tom Tom to program the 60 Ed "whatever" road the visitor center was on. Without much fuss I made it to the Coast Guard Station not knowing where to park or search for friends. I called and the cell phone at the other end wasn't answering. oh well, wing it on my own. Found a parking spot near a restaurant. Walked to the edge of the water and there was Mayflower II being towed through the canal. What timing- how lucky! Wasn't an orgasmic experience, but everyone seemed happy with the event and glad to be in the sunshine. Took pix and a couple of videos. All over in 10 minutes.

Big rusty bell- didn't get to check that out. The Coast Guard and the usual ominous looking power station in the distance.

yellow Life Ring. Wondered to myself what the pointy things were for. Probably just to discourage seagulls landing :)

so then to drive through the other parking lot again and look for a red vehicle. Actually found it quite quickly- wandered around aimlessly looking for them and tried to call the cell phone again. nope. Wandered through the visitor center which smelled of spar varnish. Came back out and I saw them walking down the hill to the red car. We decided to check out the visitor center and ask how to get to the "statue" and the railroad bridge.

Had friend take my picture in the "Wear a Life Jacket stick your head through a hole and have your picture taken"display.

That and some from the inside. and a couple of boats speeding through the canal.

then we headed to the Bourne Bridge- wow got off Cape 3 times this year :)

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