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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Short cuts taken alone

To avoid some nasty traffic and no sidewalks I take an occasional short cut through the woods. As long as I do not hear banjos playing in the distance or hear the whistle of an arrow grazing my cheek I will continue cutting through the woods. Never seems to be good lighting back there . Old abandoned cars are fascinating, usually because they are a model you just KNOW was lovingly owned and driven until the engine fell out of the chassis. The "Keep Out" signs are faded and ignored. Ignored not just by me for there are foot and wheel tracks and trash/litter to prove otherwise.
The past Winter was not kind to these relics.

There is always the inevitable dog shit in the middle of nowhere too.Nice to see daffodils in a clump hidden from clear view.

On the return the vehicles look so different. ha ha ha. That one structure is the back of the old school house from the 1900s.

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