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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trip to Provincetown with stops along the way.

First stop Fort Hill and the panoramic views there and the Penniman House still being worked on. Red Maple Swamp hike still looks "undone". How many years has this been???

Marconi site

 The last three photos above show the radio antenna that is barely visible. It is supposed to help birds and bats.

These next two look like they are the remains of the original transmitting station.

Then I wanted to find Chequesset Cemetery and photo Uncle Tim's Bridge. I programmed the Tom Tom with Baker street Wellfleet to get me in the general area first. That made me take a left into South Wellfleet. Didn't "feel right" so I stopped the first person I saw walking and asked. He told me explicit directions of where I should be. Most of which I forgot as soon as I turned around. :D
I was thankful for the help though! So got to the lights and reprogrammed the Tom Tom for various other streets in the vicinity. Along the trail I saw Uncle Tim's Bridge in the distance and that there was a huge parking lot nearby. But never got back to it after driving around in circles so much I wanted to head to Provincetown instead. So some other day. The photos are not in the order taken but the cemetery will be at the end of this bunch.

yellow house- the Baker Street I was in search of LOL I think I then programmed Harrison and Howland to figure where the heck I was.

ah almost forgot these two- the correct turn to get there and the Uncle Tim's Bridge in the back ground. Someday! 1. Bridge, 2. Road leaving cemetery at least a quarter mile of dirt ruts roots.,3.The sign covered with stickers. ha ha ha
Race Point & Pilgrim Monument later.

Race Point will be the colors along the way. Probably too late for me to catch colors in Sandwich this year. oh well

then on to the Pilgrim Monument

 I was going to attempt to climb the monument but 12 bucks and to turn around  thought better of it.

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