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Monday, November 9, 2015

Old Air Force Base in Truro and Jenny Lind tower in the distance

Still not able to get up close to the Jenny Lind tower. Blocked by government fences. But a few changes to the old Air Force base- a bit creepy each visit. Almost feel radiation or contamination of some kind. Thank goodness for the wind and fresh air. LOL
At the entrance is Payomet Performing Arts Center.

First creepy entrance and of the hundred pix I took this is the only one with orbs of course. :)

various buildings as I roamed. The mound in the back ground I would bet is hazardous waste.

the last one in this group looks like a weapon of the night. A whack to the back of the head and your wallet is gone.

Evil smoke stack,Dormitory , and balls.

the third photo- Jenny Lind tower peeping over a dumpster.

some color

Jenny Lind in the distance.

error message time to "save" !

hoops or tennis anyone? Last one a luxury condo with a view of the courts.

that smoke stack.

and the sign explaining all of this!

Abstract artwork or extreme sun fading?

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  1. Wow, what colors! Also looks kinda creepy in places. Thanks for sharing!