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Friday, January 29, 2016

Saint David's Episcopal Church donations

This batch of my knitting project is going  to Saint David's church in South Yarmouth. When I heard Sam Slicer died last year and that he went to this church I decided it was a perfect way to remember him and his wife. They were such nice customers wherever I worked in the 80s & 90s. Polite, gentle, worldly and witty.

At the same time I finished two items for myself that seemed to take forever- the size of the needles and well whenever you make a pair of anything it drags. Many times people who make socks- if both are not knit at the same time- the other never gets done. LOL
 Socks- wool Paton yarn

leg warmers- a skein of cheap store brand yarn from Michael's  less than $3.00 made these.
size 7 - 16 inch needles. 55 stitches- 56 but you cast off the first stitch when knitting in the round.. I did a ribbed hem both ends until my patience or yarn ran out.

about halfway through these suckers I noticed a drop stitch. No big surprise I knit & walk and it is dark this time of the year even with a lamp on. I was able to repair both sets of drop stitches to my own satisfaction. I guess most people would tear it out and start over. not moi!

Saint David's Episcopal Church thrift shop and prayer shawl collection.

This newborn hat went pretty quickly!  73 stitches cast on to #7- 16 inch needles, cast off/over first stitch to end up with 72 when joining in the round. It makes a cleaner connection. Knit to 4-3/4 inches then begin to decrease every other row until it measures 6 inches tall with the band measuring 16 inches. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft. Next size in this color will be a preemie hat.

This next one was super quick- love when something knits up in less than a week. woo hoo!
45 stitches cast on to #13 needles - 10 inches tall 18 inches at brim. I did random ribbing

Confetti hat knit on #10 needles which surprised me as the yarn felt "thin" but it knit up nicely and  photos come out good with the colors!

Then this fuzzy  Spring green yarn I think it was called Jiffy from Lion Brand. ( I should take better notes I know) Whatever. # 10 needles and 72 stitches. random accents of purl stitches.

Raspberry multi colored headband. Good way to use up yarn when there isn't enough for a scarf or a hat etc.

Almost forgot the Lion Brand Wool Ease hat love this yarn left over from a project of Mom's

 Then last but not least- the shawl. cast on 3 stitches onto #13 36 inch needles. Knit a row to the next to last stitch then yarn over and knit last stitch. This creates a lacy edge at the same time increasing effortlessly. I really like doing these but towards the end when you have 120 stitches on the needle and have to cast off it becomes unwieldy.

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