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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Atheists and sneezing

 I was curious what atheists say to people who sneeze so I googled it and found a youtube video devoted to this subject. I left the following response since he did ask for other dilemmas

I used to say "Goes in tight" pause and say "Comes out limp" :)
I catch myself saying the German word Gesundheit , which means Bless you. So in a conscious effort to clean up my language of any references to GOD- LOL I find I am forever saying "oh god". I guess if I just shut up it would be great. I have tried to say "Thank you Mother Nature" for that I do believe in.
Somewhere it is written that even atheists yell out "God" when they come. It is hard wired. so to speak

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lee Baldwin Trail- south side of Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Not a sunny day but it was mild for here and the winds were brisk but not frigid- so a perfect day to walk this trail and take photos. Very soothing.

 I wonder- are there signs about ticks EVERYWHERE? even on the moon?

then this standing water that did NOT look healthy to me- wonder what organism was brewing there!?

then to the end of the boardwalk to the Upland walk- not for anyone with balance issues- narrow path with many roots to trip you. The roots do serve as stepping stones in some spots. But I had to turn around when it became too narrow and nothing to grasp- like a tree!

the above two are where I turned around.

even rockier on the return!

walk back- the wind kicked up per usual.