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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trayser Museum- Coast Guard Museum- Old Jail

Wow for years and I mean decades I have wanted to turn in here and check it out. There was usually construction or looked too busy. I did not want to go inside- just check out what it was all about- well March 30 2016 I finally turned in! phew.
Old Jail- supposedly haunted if you want to believe that. The original jailer lived upstairs with his wife and she fed the inmates.

Coast Guard Museum- the building, which was the Customs house, commenced 1855 begun by Secretary of the Treasury  James Guthrie and completed by S B Phinney in 1856 Collector of the Customs

Abraham Blish-

Original  settler with the Barnstable Colony in 1640.
Selected Grand Juror, Hayward, Constable and Highway Surveyor,
Served with the militia of the Colony of New Plymouth.
In 1658 he built and operated one of the first grist mills in America
in the tidewater area near the Barnstable Common fields. This
stone is from the original foundation wall. He died at Barnstable
September 7 1683. Blish Point named in his honor extends from the East to the mouth
of Maraspin creek where it enters Barnstable Harbor

A gift to the citizens of Barnstable from the descendants
of Abraham Blish to commemorate the 300th anniversary of his death.

Customs House back

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