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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Drummer Boy Museum & Wind Mill

Goodness knows I have turned into Drummer Boy many times. Usually to attend a craft fair. I either find a parking spot and wander around aimlessly buying nothing or cannot find a parking spot and end up with a crick in my neck from trying to get outta there! Well I finally remembered to take that turn today. Overcast weather and after the season. Funny how when I was about to leave people began filing in. I parked and left my car running. I wanted photos of the windmill. I had heard there was a dog park back there. Well did not see that. Saw there is a private road that heads to a house for sale. :)
Most fascinating other than the windmill was an old blacksmith shop and an old structure from 1795 that was a home back then. I tried to take photos through the windows. You can tell there is bare furniture and maybe a spinning wheel. I am sure they charge for a tour so that's out LOL but is did ease my curiosity at last.

oh and it is hopeless to wait for a blue sky for crisper photos. Still pleasant. Maybe I should switch them to black & white! nah- there is some green to the grass.

I should have had another person with me to compare the size of that "rock"!

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