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Friday, December 2, 2016

Bus rides

I have kind of lost track of how many times I have taken the bus!
I know first time was a woman driver- very chatty and she let me ride for a dollar just seeing my driver's license. Of course I do not look like a Spring chicken either.

Same driver on return trip.

Then the rally in Orleans. Another trip to drop off hats to the library and meet Mary.

yesterday a trip to Harwich to buy food and see how much I can lug on the walk back. Not much that's for sure. The carton of soymilk almost did me in!

and today a free bus Friday.  Took the bus there but Mary met me and we came back here via rt 6A.

The bus today was FULL almost from the start. Recognized a couple of people from before. Always a cast of characters in the back- either all Jamaicans or a mix of loners who talk to no one or everyone.

The ones who get on for a short trip to the food store or a group meeting. There were about 6 people all came on at once who were part of a program of some kind. Most reeked of cigarettes.

A man with a huge spiraling walking stick.

Working women of various shapes sizes and colors who had to put up with annoying but well meaning older men intent upon supplying sweets for their children.

But around Harwich or Dennis two men got on, one a hat and a beard and a cough. The other long blonde hair and mascara well done, lipstick applied theatrically and smooth swollen pale hands with red nail polish. I wondered if there was an etiquette in striking up a conversation and asking questions. None of my business and I was in no way judging anyone on the bus. I just wanted to know.

I WAS judging one guy actually three people. One was talking on his cell phone giving investment advice to some poor sucker and was pronouncing Trump the hero who would bring greater tax relief to the middle class and a more fair tax  system.

right. He was the same person who said under his breath " should have stayed in PTown and never left" when the transsexual got off the bus.

yeah I judge him as an asshole.

Also a man and a woman hogged two seats almost the entire ride. The woman putting her foot up on the other seat, the guy spreading himself out with bag and body over two seats. As we approached Hyannis an elderly man got on and the seat hog moved and gave up his seat to the older man. Very distinguished  looking with profession ball room dancing shoes on with fancy laces.

I may add to this if quirkiness abounds.

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