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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Revolution-White Chimneys

My first bus ride as a senior citizen I learned the meaning of the white chimneys with top painted black- those people sided with the Brits- Tories.

January 26 2017- I just noticed when I get a better photo that the top is faded so may not be black on some.

Doing a very casual drive by  photo shoot as I see them- many are on rt 6 A some on rt 28

I cannot make notes and drive so identifying them as best I can remember.

first one was in the distance as I turned onto rt 6A from Mary Dunn road in Cummaquid. of course the shutter didn't open all the way. Bear or bare with me LOL

the former Cranberry Moose restaurant

Village Inn Cummaquid

house kind of across from Village Inn

house on left before Yarmouth Inn

Old Yarmouth Inn

House across from Yarmouth Port Post Office

not sure on these 4

Dennis Internet Cafe or something

Yarn Hound near Showtime Pizza- unless that is not black at the top :)

Dennis-Harwich before Bridge

 More Harwich

former Weekes Watts estate to the right of Christian Science Church

South Chatham

December 10 2016
Chat room coffee house across from Yarn Hound rt 6A Dennis

another attempt to get better photos. I know one doesn't have a white chimney but it is next to one LOL
December 29 2016

January 12 2017

January 13 2017

January 21 2017

Shore road Chatham

March 2017- Chatham
while walking as my laundry washed I check out Olson's old house torn down and the Cape Cod Bank & Trust-TD Bank Building vacant and for sale. I saw a house with the chimney feature in was built in the early 1800s

April 2017 better color of this one from Harwich Port rt 28

February 2017
house near Harwich Dennis line on rt 28

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