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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mice part Two

If you live on Cape Cod and say you do not have mice- well you just haven't looked hard enough.

This debacle started back in February 2017.

I already knew they only needed a hole the size of a dime to gain entry. What I also learned was they eat soap and are little shit machines. They literally walk and shit all the time.

One morning at the kitchen sink my soap was missing- here it had moved over the counter onto another surface. What I thought were debris from a bunch of bananas were mouse turds on the sink. I opened a drawer where I kept my hand made soap and Dial and Ivory. They had chewed through the paper on the Ivory. Other drawers were violated. I resorted to removing all my things from those drawers. I was stuffing steel wool pads into all holes. The hole down below near my door- the steel wool was disappearing- so I covered that hole with a rock. My brother showed up one day and pulled out the dishwasher so we could see if that was where they were coming in. He stuffed more holes with steel wool. The drawers are occasionally visited with one turd. Almost like the mouse is human and being sadistic.

Bought a can of Lysol spray.  Something I haven't bought or used in 30 years. Saturated the drawers.

So I had on hand some glue traps for mice. I placed 4 of them in the apartment. One on the counter near the sink, one under the sink, one inside the door here and one at the top of the stairway. nothing. But after ironing the other day after supper I decided to wet Swiffer the floors and get the lint up. I must have inadvertently caught one of the traps with the mop and pushed it into the sun room where the computer is .  I had trouble moving the chair AND tried to lift a blanket that had slipped to the floor. I discovered that both were stuck in place by the glue from the trap.
Still dealing with glue removal. Karma is a bitch.

The real clincher was on a Tuesday. It was morning and I was feeling pretty good. I always try to stay positive and be cheery ( unless provoked by some asshole neighbor). This particular morning I had errands to do and was looking forward to a day out in the fresh air. Fixed myself a Melita one brew and set a timer so I was finished by a certain time so I wouldn't have to pee while out on errands. I was taking the last sip- really enjoying the flavor and looked at the bottom of the mug and there was a fucking mouse turd.

An amazing psychological dilemma ensued. Many questions unanswered. I drank most of the coffee, why not pick out the turd and finish it. Or why not retch? Instead I spent the next few days waiting for some mouse related disease to invade my system and I would end up growing a long thin tail and long whiskers.

So the following photos capture some of the angst.

When I posted this problem on facebook one friend stated she thought the glue traps were cruel and offered up another trap solution that I guess decapitates them. Another said it was cruel and to get a pet friendly trap and capture and release them. Good grief such moral issues surfaced. I stated I was eagerly awaiting the chance to drown one of the stuck suckers. Another friend stated that if they were captured and released they would find their way back in before you did.

more to come...

may be more...

dining room
and separate bathroom fancy shmancy

Mid April- the beat goes on...

drip pans- rusted which is normal but when I went to clean them notice they were full of mouse turds. it never ends. So I went to Benny's expecting to buy new ones that were enamel to kind of get away from the fucking rust factor- and no enamel in this size model. So more of the same.


December 2017
So did I mention I put down sticky traps. Ended up vacuuming one and pushing it into the computer room unknowingly and having THAT stick to the wheels on the computer chair. That was back in the Winter of 2017 January February or March. I am just now seeing it disappear from making a mess on the floor. Not to mention how difficult it was to clean up!


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