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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trip to Quincy

Left here at 8:40am and got back at 6pm. Traffic was pretty bad- the usual dangerous vehicles and driving habits. Was making such good time that I decided to program the gps for Randolph and do the Jewish cemetery there. wrong- there were so many detours I ended up in a circle. Stopped and asked the cop at the detour am I close to Randolph- he laughed and said no. well am I close to 24 Field st Quincy then- oh yes just over the hill. LOL so went to Mount Wollaston cause Chelsea wouldn't be ready til noon. Found Sally's family plot and a bunch of other interesting stuff.  We went to Applebees first both starving! From there to Walmart and got some essentials. found Dorians favorite food yippee! Then Chels had promised to help me find Snug Harbor Cemetery. It is supposedly behind Snug Harbor School. The teacher I emailed said to not come when kids were in the yards etc. We looked everywhere. so we drove in circles and I asked a group of workman where it was. they didn't know but went inside to the owner and he knew he was there once. said it was to the right of the school and in back. So back we went covering all possible areas. Chelsea finally got out of the car and checked the shoreline for it. no go. We were about to leave in disgust and weariness when two woman were standing in their driveway yakking and smoking butts. The first one said heck no there is no cemetery at the school. the other said yes there is and the inventor of the doughnut is buried there. She gave explicit instructions so we trudged back walked through the soccer field full of kids and saw a flag and a fence and there it was. Did photos of all stones and one of Chelsea with the doughnut man. Took her back to her apartment met her roommate. peed and headed back. ah but wait the adventure isn't over yet. I am driving along thinking the gps is very quiet. apparently something had hit the volume to quiet. in my hurry to correct that it ended up being in Spanish so I got to listen to instruction in Spanish for 2 miles. Was driving around in circle even after a reset and thought it was odd that the sun was to my left- meaning I was headed North. Reset it again. phew was I glad to see that Cape Cod sign for rt 3! My arms feel like I flew here and back

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