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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Flax Pond-Yarmouth

So many words in the English language and yet they repeat ones in naming places and streets. Baffles me but.

There is a Flax Pond in Dennis off Setucket [Satucket] road near the Dennis Yarmouth line. Small dirt parking lot. Travel by foot and you cross under the power lines to get to it. Pretty.

So when I heard someone was having a wedding reception at Flax Pond,all I could think was "Hope no one is wearing high heels"

Then I was told it was in Yarmouth.


Off White's Path. Finally found it today. One other car in the parking lot- no one to be seen but me.You drive under the power lines to get there.

Plenty of turkeys. So huge and necks so long- a quick glance they could be mistaken for an ostrich. Or a giraffe with feathers.

Visitor Center and Playground.

A few paths that look like they go nowhere.Then you see the pond!

So I get closer to the water. Gotta say there are plenty of fucking signs along the way. But nothing to say DO NOT LITER ha ha ha.

This would be spectacular with a blue sky but....

and if these are tadpoles WOW!

Climb back up to the parking lot I see two old buildings- obviously being replaced by the new ones. I would have explored further but where was that person in the white car. ha ha ha.

A corral for unicorns? Small children play pen. What the heck is this? oh maybe a pool LOL

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