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Monday, June 15, 2015


One that is impossible- 9 pieces each with an image of hot air balloons and you are to match edges to edges.
no way! But it is fun to play with:

The other-3D no less.
I received this as a gift either last year or 2013. Finally got the cobwebs blown out of my mind and was able to put it together. It is a 3D lighthouse with a base and some plastic thrown in. Probably could use a light stick or a cheap high intensity flashlight.
I guess this is supposed to be a cliff and the ocean!

When I first got the puzzle I noticed the pieces were numbered on the inside so I separated them into bags by numbers- otherwise the puzzle would NEVER get finished.

so not being a perfectionist , and misreading numbers I got ahead of myself on layers with missing links.

got to play with camera and angles !

some pieces left over that didn't fit? oh separate section.

oh and I have this displayed in my apartment. I enter a photo contest on facebook every two weeks and this week was "Reflections"- so what do I see as I head into the computer room.I entered it but it is poor quality Canon A2500 are not great on indoor shots. so be it. Still love the camera.

Before I got into my Knit&Walk routine each morning- I would arrange these puzzle pieces to fit a printed pattern suggested. No wrong way to do these and they are aesthetically pleasing to a geometric "eye" .
Made in Germany I believe.

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