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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yes! another walk on Harding's Beach

Trying to catch some free walks before the toll booth and crowds arrive.
The lifeguard station is unmanned but has a sunroof!

The rugged shoreline , wonder if the tides will eventually smooth this out
and a rusty old pipe must have been unearthed by the Winter storms.

Mylar balloons and a life raft?

A boat, seaweed galore and dead fish , sharks maybe, tagged with dates.

A rope a bird a buoy. Time to find a path back, no safe way to climb the rock jetty and I didn't want to walk the spongy seaweed again.

Found a path! So many roped off sections but always a way back.

A far off cove of pleasure boats- and the ultimate Cape scene: beach roses and a sandy path

1 comment:

  1. Lovely walk, felt like I was there. Beautiful scenes, flowers and the things you stumble upon! Thanks for sharing!