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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harding's Beach

Yes still Summer here until the first snow fall. But seems like the true Summery days were in August- warm & sunny.
Needed the walk today and needed to get my feet wet. I came prepared with flip flops. Water cool but not cold.

The usual serene view of the world. Water, sky and birds all melding into one.

last shot a fisherman in the distance- he moved from the rocks when he saw me- then returned.

What????????? Never seen so much odd ball debris and huge dead fish! Nice to see an osprey nest return.

The rocks to get to the "other side" . Not being the most balanced of walkers I kind of hesitated but felt brave and did the walk atop the revetment's flat surface. Not a soul around to save me if I landed between rocks. Skipped that on the return though.


Light House on my way back I could smell someone toasting-eating peanut butter toast and I thought of only one person :)

Lost & Found beach style

Rose hips, Beach Plums & Bay Berry. I haven't seen a beach plum since the 60s when I gathered a bucketful and made a jelly that didn't gel. ha ha ha.

the last photo in this group is of beach plums.

and lastly da feet! wet free & happy.As I turned to go back to the car one flip flop sucked off my foot and I almost lost balance trying to pick it up- not worried about saving face- just did NOT want to get the camera wet.

sand machine chased me off- don't want to get near that "mother"

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