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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Socks and not socks

This will be a work in progress that I hope I remember to get back to and complete. I am backing up 3 months of photos and it is SLOOOOOOOOOOOW going.

Knit and walk as I do, it is kind of impossible to use double pointed needles. But I was bound and determined to make a pair or two. I had some purple wool and some new Lion Brand sock yarn with varied colors. The purple knit up too small to gauge so instead of ripping it all out I made them into wristies which will come in handy in colder weather.
These pix were taken August 27 so it took about a month I guess to complete.

Start of the purple that became wrisites:

The varied color ones at the beginning.
9-19-15- oops glad I write this stuff down in invisible ink at the back of my brain

first 6 inches which are sort of a cuff were K1 K2 P2 to last stitch and K1. That was way too tedious so I began K4P4 routine.
cast on 50 stitches on #4 circular bamboo needles. K first stitch then K4 P4 repeat that to last stitch and K that one. Knitting first and last stitch makes an easy seam to sew together when complete as these will not be seamless.

well I cannot add the finished socks to the end here so here they are :)

to be continued

okay here it is up to the finished product. They fit me perfectly. I had my brother try a pair and they fit but the pair I am working on now I added 8 stitches. Finished up the toe part. Next pair I will cast off and decrease a bit so the finished sock is not square. Though square is what my feet are.

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