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Monday, September 21, 2015

Upper Darby High School Class 1965 50th Reunion

Upper Darby High School Class 1965 50th Reunion- September 18 & 19 2015
I did not attend. The following are photos posted on facebook some old some from the reunion.
A photo from the Class of 1964 got into this collection. Trying to get some order here. Blog is not the same as it was for editing so I will number photos in the hopes that I can add names to faces eventually.

1. 1964

2. Plaid Pink Blue  LOL

3. yellow top

4. seven people

5. Floral purple and black hat

6. 3 people facing camera sitting

7. 3 people facing camera standing.

8. two groups of 3.

9. chow time- everyone looks hungry!

10. yellow top and floral top and shades.

11. stripes and pink 4 people at table.

12. redhead and a tee shirt

13. two men chatting

14. someone checking time!

15. 4 people pyramid

16. backs of people- tye dye to the right

17. Man in blue shirt and shorts.

18. 3 empty chairs purple top lady and black hat lady

19. 8 visible people I see Mary Spangler front with v neck

20. smiling couple with visors.

21.floral top woman man eating chips.

22. black hat woman gazing away.

  23. 4 people striped back

24. 3 people man in middle

25. Corky & Vicki

26. redhead to the left

27. Blue top and Mary Spangler on the right

28. Mary Spangler 4 peeps

29. Peter Krech. Vicki and Dawn

30. Jane Goldberg and Ordway.

31. Peter Krech and Vicki

32. Phoebe Chandler and a bunch of people.

33. Frank Banta's group photo from long ago.
Frank Banta,Sandi Nagel,Craig Hemming,Bruce Malloy,Dottie Arbuckle Lee, Gary Leinberger,Bob Briggs

34. Vicki's from long ago
 Back row. ..Bob Boham, John Wilson, Steve Bradley, Jim Gallager, David Mushrush, Richard Anderson, Roy Layton, Judy Newman, Sandy Wells, Frankie Yaskin, Leah Gross, Sue Hrom, Vicki Donohue, Barbara Esher, Janet Lovely.
FRONT ROW.....Rick Shiebly, John Ullman, Ronnie March, Carol Hahn, Frank Berger, Janice Deaver, Sally Lockner, Nina Rosoff, Sally Phayre.
VERY FRONT. ....Chris Kelly

35. Four guys

36. Purple flowers

37. 2 peeps toasting

38. 3 peeps blurry

39.2 peeps

40. Rick Sheibley


42. Frankie Yaskin

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