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Monday, January 25, 2016

Staying Focused

I remembered over ten years ago a manager at Sears asking what we had on our "to do list" for the future. I don't do those or resolutions but I had to write down something so I said
1. Stay focused
2. Learn either French or Spanish.

Have always had a problem staying focused I am easily distracted. Still haven't learned a foreign language unless text abbreviations count. Took me a while to learn that LOL meant laugh out loud.

So this holiday season seemed to be especially hectic. Lost a book of stamps and couldn't find a pale blue plastic yarn needle. Those are two recurring problems when everything doesn't have a place and isn't put in its place. A corner in my kitchen explodes at least 6 times a year. So

I ordered 3 book from with a gift card from a friend. Anxious to open them but I promised myself I would clean up the clutter first. It was manageable in November then went down hill from there. I just plain old feel out of sorts when I cannot see the top of a surface for "stuff".

I clean each Sunday- that means vacuum floors clean bathroom and wet mop floors and stairs. Usually takes at the most 90 minutes to 2 hours depending upon if I am distracted by music or birds. I do shut down the computer. :D

First I had to make my oatmeal bars, roast a spaghetti squash and roast some sliced cabbage. May as well get the messiness over with.

Oatmeal bars- finally invested in a bottle of dark molasses, really missed that taste. Used up the rest of the white flour. Have always used whole wheat but , well someone told me they would taste better with white. Wrong LOL So the batter was stiffer than usual. hahaha good thing it is just me.

no pix of the squash but it turned out divine and froze 4 servings.

Cabbage was a bit of a challenge. ever try slicing it in 1/2 inch slices and then moving it to a  cookie sheet. oh well. So worth it so tasty even though the outside leaves were like chewing rubber bands.. Inside tightly cluster leaves were tender and savory.

Then the challenge to organize my work areas- harvest table, table where I eat and my computer area- Also where I toss hats gloves scarves and the kitchen corner from hell.

Kitchen corner from hell

Harvest table where I have 3 terrariums ( still living! ) , knitting and other hand craft projects like a lampshade to make and Mom's needlework to finish. The surface was totally covered and driving me bananas.

yes that is hats scarves and mittens gloves in there somewhere and baggy pajamas up front LOL

The table where I eat facing the West and write in my journal each day. Small space for food LOL
an almost completed cowl and the needle sizer resurfaced after a week of being missing.

I just know the yarn needle is somewhere here.

Computer room ugh

Four hours later, a lot of swearing at an anti static rag I was done. I even managed to relabel storage bins. Took a few hours of open window to get rid of the "marker" fumes.

KitchenKorner from hell cleaned up- neatly stacked cds from a  friend- the ones I listen to most.

Harvest work table straightened out- 3 terrariums center- far end the stack of Mom's needlework. I hope to start some jigsaw puzzle and close end soon!

Eating and journal table clear! well almost

hats and glove more manageable and scarves displayed on chair rungs. Why not that's what they are for right??? and bulky socks.

telephone area- reminds me I still have some of Mom's ashes to spread sprinkle. I found the yarn needle and the stamps while cleaning out my three totes I carry. whodathunk.

computer area.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sigh of relief.

Attempted again to repair a floor lamp- it just will not stay screwed to the base- ended up in the trash today- almost 20 years old. Not bad for a cheap lamp. Also took a photo of my shower curtain not sure why- no one hides there.

at last I can open my books!

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