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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Color on my el cheapo Fuji camera.

I never really paid much attention to the settings. I either want snap shot without flash or video. I am probably expecting too much but the colors are always "off". So today I noticed that almost at the end of the choices is one for vibrant colors for sunsets. So I took a much needed 60 minute walk and tried it out.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

This makes no sense.

Things I gave up because they were either making me fat or they cost too much or both.

Gave this up over 5 years ago. Too expensive. I cannot do dairy and the soy cheeses were way too expensive and the quality was not consistent.

Fruit juices
When did cranberry juice stop tasting good? I would rather eat fruit but juice was like a way of life with me- If I was hungry I drank some juice. Single serve orange juice was great but that started tasting "funny".

Store bought was getting to be 5.00+ a loaf. I made my own for years but realized that was why I was bloated . And the bread machine pan became impossible for me to  pull out of the machine when done.

I have discussed this in other posts. Too sweet. So very aggravating! And the size I like: small- that is plain and Greek yogurt. Too thick.

But aside from all my reasons and bitching about it- where is the money I have saved?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bus trip to Hyannis and back

This is apt to be long- a 10 minute walk to the bus stop and hour ride to Hyannis almost an hour walk on Main Street Hyannis and an hour ride back.
Usually takes me 16 minutes at the very least to get from here to bus stop on rt 28. It took 10 minutes today and I was walking slowly LOL go figure!
 So that meant 15 minutes of me pacing up and down rt 28 waiting. Patiently but...
saw a key looked like the kind you get in the mail that says it will start your new car ha ha ha

figured it was safe to stand near this horse crossing sign- just hoped a horse didn't show up.

the bus! funny how those signs do not photograph. It did say Hyannis!

on the bus I had my Medicare card ready to prove I was old enough for the dollar fare. But all she asked was how old I was. Told her I was born in 1948- too early in the day for math. She told me once in Hyannis I could get a Senior Card. yippee LOL

Photos from the inside of the bus are pretty low quality but I managed a few- first we passed the house up on stilts in Harwich that is having a basement and new foundation installed.
Amazing the diversion on this trip they turn off for the Harwich Shaws and then rt 134 to Patriot Square. I could shop for food and take in a movie and not use the car. Not looking forward to that. But it is a good feeling to know that the people on Cape can remain mobile without wheels.

this is the new, not completed bike bridge on rt 134.

Everyone but this guy had "bluetooth" I think. I had nothing but that is the Columns in back of him. He was rummaging in his back pack for a CD- I was very curious what he was listening to.
Massive pumpkin display in Yarmouth
same guy.
The terminal! Still nice and new and clean. with rest rooms and soap and water. I first went upstairs to get my senior card. Had my photo taken for it. LOL Haven't looked at that yet. ugh.

oh forgot to mention a man got on in Yarmouth area and sat diagonally across from me and we were chatting. Turns out we are the same age- he went to Dennis-Yarmouth but knew a classmate of mine that moved away from Chatham in 1962. He also recognized me and said we were friends  on facebook! LOL
Main street stroll
best I make no comments LOL

these Bogs look warm and comfortable but I am all set on footwear for a while.
Little Miss cupcake- a vacant store and a store that looks like what used to be Charlbets.oh and Bellas ( there is one in Chatham) and Kandy Korner

Many thrift shops- this one was open. The Federated Church one was closed. glad I didn't bring any donations with me!
Love catching someone taking a photo!

Nessie ladles LOL. Daily Paper- what's the name of the breakfast place on West Main then? And my favorite Tibet store closed. And no sign of Tim's books- did I miss it or is it gone?

West End Walkway! an improvement! And C'est le Vie. Still haven't gone in. someday...

Dragon lite and Joke Shoppe. Haven't been to the Dragon Lite since the 60s with Dick Stevens an evening of degrading comments from him LOL
and Joke Shoppe for some reason I thought was at the entrance to Hyannis from Yarmouth on rt 28

that's it for that side of the street
Harley shop and Beech Tree Cantina- looking for a leafless beech tree. Too soon- still heavily shaded back there.

even with flash the graffiti is not clear. oh well. I lose interest after a while.

nice angles
some color and some vaping :)

some views of these birds made from recycled parts. Last year I thought they were made from soda cans. guess not. Never seem to be there for the right lighting.

The Egg & I. I always think of my brother and his midnight breakfasts there when he was young and working and living in Hyannis.
old fashioned police station

JFK museum and Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame.

Obligatory motorcycle capture

Hyannis HyArts Cultural district

Jack's Drum shop and the vacant lot next to it, nice fence! and did the Cape Cod Times take over the Barnstable Patriot???

The ride back. Wondering if they announced boarding of the bus at 11:30am. Had to ask. Told gate 7 so I just went there and boarded. A couple from England were in front of me. They sat all the way back. So did I but I sat sideways. Turns out they were from Cheshire. A very attractive male sat in the far right corner. Not sure if he spoke but when the bus lurched after a chatter box got off in Dennis the guy's bottle of water flew to the floor and I grabbed it. If I were the flirtatious type I would have struck up a conversation. The chatterbox it seems was a member of Baybridge in Hyannis. Reminded me of a music store customer John Simpson. Often wonder what happened to him. He talked a mile a minute about his bills and health issues and aimed it all at the couple from England. wow they got an earful. The bus driver jokingly asked if he was bothering the riders. LOL So I guess he is a regular. Interesting nonetheless. Learned from the driver that older homes from the 1700s if they have a white chimney with it painted black at the top- that was an indicator that the family who resided there was  in favor of the King of England at the time. Not something that endeared you to your neighbors but it protected your property so to speak.

This looks like Bass River

House on stilts on ride back
 well that about wraps it up.

It was a nice feeling to know that Massachusetts cares enough about the people of Cape Cod to offer a ride for a dollar to just about anywhere once you understand their schedules and the names of the buses. LOL