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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Axel Olson house and CCB&T

My mother worked for CCB&T  in Yarmouth for years. Our bank. The office in Chatham closed at the end of January 2017. Many changes since she worked there, especially it being taken over by TD Bank in Canada. 693 Main built in 1985

December 13 2017- rumor has it that the property has sold. I haven't heard what it will be. Would be a nice spot for a restaurant.

The other change close by was the house where Axel Olson family lived for years. Nice solid house with a wall in front. That wall I walked many a small child while holding their hand. I assume that will disappear as well.
26 Stage Harbor Road built in 1960

to be updated when things change.

March 6 2017 Olson's

May 8 2017 progress on Olson property

December 13 2017 just getting to these photos which were taken a few months ago.
 Unable to take more- only Nikon camera working and memory card ready to go o the fritz and I only use car for laundry, house check and food shop so!


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