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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mom's ashes-September 7th 2014

Well just in case I couldn't scatter ashes from the ferry for the trip to Martha's Vineyard on the 9th of September 2014,I decided Sunday was the day to do it from Harding's Beach and do the Nantucket Sound thing right.Carol Smith had called me in the morning to tell me that Bert had passed away at 8:15 that morning. That spurred me on even more. On the walk to the perfect spot saw a man fishing, that from a distance, looked just like Bert. Was a 15 minute walk to the spot from my car. A little sand bar. I had made a paper sail boat that floats. I added cat mint, from the kitties, peppermint, Mexican marigold mint and lavender twigs to the boat. When I got there I sprinkled some of Mom's ashes on top and set it to sail. Very hard to photo the process but I know it is done and was perfect. It was a bit heart wrenching to see it disappear.If I was younger I would have waded out and retrieved it for another try. But alas I am not young. It was a sweet moment and a tearful walk back to the car.

ashes in tea cans.


more herbs

2 views of the paper sail boat that floats

the perfect day

"Bert" fishing

the sandbar

the sailboat underway.

bird tracks Mom would love

the walk back

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