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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bike Path from George Ryder to end of Wilfred Road

I have lived in this area over 50 years and only driven down Wilfred road a couple of times and that was to give someone a ride or deliver something to Sky Way. So today I decided to walk the bike path from George Ryder road to Wilfred since that is the one stretch I have never been on. I have done the rest in Chatham numerous times.
I have to say this stretch today still had a lot of snow and you get to see planes take off and land. But the water views of Emery Pond, White Pond and the other small bodies of water visible from this path are beautiful.

 not my car :)

 looks like a long way to the end of the road!

 a path I decide to check out, ended up being too windy and I was tired after one solid hour!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mice- part One

I hear scratching and various noises all the time.Never think much of it, there is a bay below that is open pretty much to wildlife. And who would blame them- it has been cold!
So one day I went to gather the items for recycling under the kitchen sink. whoa! Mouse turds everywhere. And I check every day. So holy crap I did my recycling and hunted down some steel wool pads at Shaw's . The next day I set out to fill holes with the pads. Mice supposedly cannot or do not chew through steel wool!

oh forgot to mention as I was carrying the recycling down the stairs I could see light shining through in the corner by the door below. oops. They come in there too. I am surrounded LOL

 then the downstairs area.


Axel Olson house and CCB&T

My mother worked for CCB&T  in Yarmouth for years. Our bank. The office in Chatham closed at the end of January 2017. Many changes since she worked there, especially it being taken over by TD Bank in Canada. 693 Main built in 1985

December 13 2017- rumor has it that the property has sold. I haven't heard what it will be. Would be a nice spot for a restaurant.

The other change close by was the house where Axel Olson family lived for years. Nice solid house with a wall in front. That wall I walked many a small child while holding their hand. I assume that will disappear as well.
26 Stage Harbor Road built in 1960

to be updated when things change.

March 6 2017 Olson's

May 8 2017 progress on Olson property

December 13 2017 just getting to these photos which were taken a few months ago.
 Unable to take more- only Nikon camera working and memory card ready to go o the fritz and I only use car for laundry, house check and food shop so!