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Monday, June 4, 2018


A few days ago I was contacted by an acquaintance to drive him back from an eye appointment  in Mashpee. I asked what time? appointment was 2 pm. So, many messages back and forth it was agreed he would pick me up here at 12:45pm to give plenty of time for traffic.

Day arrives and it is pouring rain. I am mulling over all the worst case scenarios and the solutions. Even down to renting a car here and driving over to pick him up. I planned on stopping at AC Moore while he was at Home Depot or Jo Ann Fabrics while he was in Perry's for fire extinguishers.  He did the Home Depot thing last night so.
It was agreed he would drive down and I would drive back and that I could choose the route to take back. ha ha ha

I messaged him this morning to make sure the driver's seat was easily adjustable- I am 5'4" he is 6'7". Funny response from him- yes the springs are broken but if you grab a hold of the steering wheel you should be able to do it. Last guy that drove his car was short like you and had no problem.
No offer to adjust the seat for me. ha ha ha.

12:30pm the parking lot below was full of cars and obstacles. 12:40pm the parking lot was pretty much empty. A woman backing out almost ran me down not expecting a pedestrian there. So I got ready and stood out by my mailbox. The tree protected me from the down pour. He was on time but did not see me so I had to walk back to his car that speedily made it next to mine parked there. ugh.

I  put my fleece blanket down on the seat get in and struggle with the seat belt and off we go. I tried to encourage him to take the back roads to 6A and then a left onto rt 130. He would have none of that. Took back roads to Station Avenue and took Mid Cape from there. Taking the exit 5 for 149 then rt 28. I see Botellos and know we are almost there. It is 1:40pm. A bit of small talk then he decided to go in at 1:50pm just in case he has to fill out forms.

I say I will stay in the car. I know if I sit in a waiting room with someone I may fart just to get out of there.

I had my Kindle. Wished I had brought knitting and my Fire 7 just in case they had wifi.

So rain pelting the windshield. I read a bit, I feel cold. Glad I wore layers anyhow but wished I had worn my Winter jacket.

The hand brake was on and kept hitting my elbow. Or I it. LOL

People watched a bit. wow every shape size and color and attitude went in and out of that office. Some of it amusing. One guy talking to himself or had earphone and was on his phone was so huge I thought he would never fit through the doorway. Shorts on a nice shirt and sneakers. I sit there freezing my ass off.

women in and out. One showed up alone and stood there. A cigarette in hand. A man came up to her- he looked like an EMT and assured her this is where she had an appointment. She smoked this butt and it was long!  Short puffs little smoke. about less than half down and flicks it to the ground and stomps it out. what!?

Time drags on I check my phone clock seems like every 7 minutes. It is almost 3pm and I get optimistic that he will come down the ramp soon.  3:30 pm still no show. I begin to wonder if he is in some room waiting and forgotten by the staff.  I grab my bag and head to the door. Two women struggling down the hall to the door so I hold the door. They inch on out- the older of the two has a walker with tennis balls on the two back legs. I hustle on into the office look around and do not see him. I ask the clerk and she says he just went in the office. JUST? I said incredulously.. oh brother. So I head out to he car to read some more. But the walker and the other woman are standing there in the rain having navigation problems. I offer to help. We make some progress. I ask if she wants help getting to her car. She says yes but she will bring the car over- she points to a black car and tells me my "friend" is Chloe! I ask Chloe how the eye appointment went. she says "what? "  your eyes how was the appointment. She wipes her nose and says  "okay I guess"
I totally get that ! LOL

Slow process getting Chloe in the car she cannot hitch herself in and then back in the seat to make the seat belt fit. Seat belt latched and I help her get her arm in the right place and catch my long hair in everything. We laugh. I am thanked and I feel  like I did something and get back in the car in the driver's seat so I can practice directionals etc and adjust the seat and mirror. and read some more. The rain is really coming down now and it is 4pm. All of a sudden I see this youthful body racing down the ramp legs flying. It is him LOL so much for dodging raindrops.

I had the car in D for backing up. He noticed, otherwise I would have taken down that lovely birch tree. LOL no excuses here.

Take  a left out into traffic to get to Hyannis and Perry's. I have lost all interest about Jo Ann Fabrics and I am never asked. We get to Perry's and I turn around and park by the door for him to pick up and pay. He tells me to shut off the car. fucking no way. good grief. So 2 by 2 the extinguishers get in the back and I hope with a sudden stop they do not, all 4 of them, seek out the back of my head.

I take a right out of Perrys to shoot through Sears and then  a right out of the mall near the mattress place. I wanted to take rt 6a back. no no no way do that.  Good grief what happened to me taking the route I want on the way back. But I zip my lip. Take rt 28  ask if he wants to visit his mother's grave- no he was there when he came back from Florida. Thanks. Then to the Old North Main in Bass River South Yarmouth. Then shoot across and take the road that goes by the golf course. More construction. Then Upper County to 28 and back here. The puddle was still huge. I back into a spot here so he does not have to navigate with his eyes so much to get out. He asks if the puddle on the other side is big. yes at least 2 feet deep. But I think why the fuck do you think I came this way? ugh I gather my things and he says "Thank you I wish I could pay you in some way." (Well yeah you said that at the beginning of all this. I expected nothing and guess what! LOL)  then continues " But that fell through" Inside I am laughing. What fell through? Was all that talk about restaurants a hint and when I said I do not eat in restaurants that was out. Or when we talked about where I shop for food and he wondered why not Stop & Shop. And me saying because I do not like the store- that wasn't a good enough excuse.

This was exhausting.

I thought to myself , anyone not totally clueless knows a person, a woman especially, retired and living on social security alone and drives an 18 year old car- offer 5 bucks for crying out loud. even a dollar.

but then  again maybe he doesn't have it.

next time I will let the sarcasm rip.

pix from today

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bunney Family Tree Obituaries

John Goynes Bunney born 1825 in St Cleer, Cornwall, England married Johanna Lowery and a Mary Jane Lowery
Mary Jane's obituary

Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018 Garden

 Gorgeous day on May 26th it was actually hot and my face got some color. Didn't last but hey.
there will be a photo of dog shit at the end. It was so spectacular and unusual I just could not resist. But you have been warned.

The bulb bed I started in 2014 was iffy this year. No tulips other than crinkled yellow leaves and one crushed looking red tulip. The daffodils and narcissus were fine and the grape hyacinths are multiplying but really disappointed in the tulips. That was the whole point LOL
 So I dug them up. They will rest for the Summer and then I will plant them again in that bed in the Autumn.

The I planted wild flower seeds in containers and had enough that I sprinkled a few in the bulb bed where the tulips were. That will be interesting. Cosmos, Flax, Bee mix and a butterfly mix.

My brother's men had cut down a tree earlier in the week and the stump was in the back of the trailer. I asked what was going to happen with it. It smelled divine like cedar. So I got it in the yard below.

So I trimmed ornamental grasses down  so new growth will show. Cut out hydrangea canes and other vines choking through from the other side of the fence. Watered. And was getting pretty hot so I decided to wind things up and go upstairs. All of a sudden a guy comes around the corner. Scared me half to death. creep. He apologized for the scare. I am sure the expression on my face told him fuck off. He wanted to use the water for his boat engine and was headed to MY hose and faucet. So glad I caught this. I said no not this water , you can go out front I will turn that on. The past two years when they have used my hose they have wound the hose sloppily but worse than that they turned off the tap so hard I could barely turn it on and it is hard to shut off now and drips. grrr
So I get out front and go to turn on the water and he says not now later. Okays I tell him to knock on the building or garage door loudly and I will hear it and come down. So he hooks up his hose. I am upstairs and hear him knock "lightly" I open my window and call below that I will be right down. I get down there and he is upstairs by my kitchen door. So fucking impatient. good grief.I turn on the water and go upstairs waiting to hear he is done. Finally yes the engine works and they collect their hose. phew.

so here is the shit. perfect end for that delightful day . Multi colored shiny and so bad it did not clean up I had to cover the spot on the lawn with soil and hose that down.
ha ha not funny.

 the cover up

Friday, May 11, 2018

Soy candle making

During those Nor Easters this past Winter I noticed I have a few tealight candles to depend upon for light and warmth. But they are hard to light and do not stay lit- so I guess they are cheap and old!
So the other day I was at loose ends on how to entertain myself. I think it was shitty weather or I felt depressed, whatever, doing something helped me feel better and passed the time and accomplished something whooppee! I have a lovely essential oil scented candle that I burn on occasion but only in the kitchen sink- I am terrified of starting a fire with candles or incense.
These I have not lit yet but I trimmed the wicks and they are ready to use.
I have plenty more soy wax for more candles LOL and some wicks. Keeping the wicks standing and steady was a trick as the hot wax makes them limp LOL

 Went for a walk came back and they were "set".

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Free Bus Wednesdays

 June 20 2018

Left here 9:03am  walk to bus stop saw that the bike path has been improved: Rest area with a repair station, bike racks and a trash can and a recycling can. AND on my way back I saw they had removed all the old dog shit bags that were left under what appeared to those dog walkers as a waste basket. ha ha

 So bus was on time >faint faint< and it took a ten minute bus ride to get to the Dennis Port Harwich line. Dropped off at the old antique store. I figured I had an hour to walk up and down and take pix. As I was finishing up after checking out the old Playhouse the camera batteries gave out. unsure  of when that occurred I went back to the play house. I had 10 minutes of walking along rt 28 before the bus was due. But it was late and I walked all the way to the old Bishop's Terrace. phew
 Antique store which is for sale, old Friendly's location Chase library and a strip mall where my favorite hardware store USED to be.

 7 11 where White Hen Pantry used to be and it was something before that, Rite Aid/ Walgreens where Brooks used to be,  the side of the old A&P, vacant Mobil station, Ocean state Job Lot where Bradlees used to be and Dollar Tree where A&P used to be. Cool old house rundown but still interesting.

Main street stores

June 13, 2018
Nice sunny breezy day. Left here at 9:05am and did not have long to wait for the bus to Harwich Port. I think it was 9:26 and got to Bank Street at 9:37. Sounds more on schedule and normal for a change.The bus back passed me after about 5 minutes so I had a full hour of walking and snapping pix to do. So many changes to Main Street and still more construction to come.
corner of Bank and rt 28  no clue what it used to be but the building is older.

now Heather's Hair Port- was many businesses before this.
This was White Flowers for years now a real estate office.

 White Flowers is now behind the above Coldwell real estate office
Old time barber shop and George's Pizza

used to be insurance and Jonfred's clothing I think- now insurance and real estate

New huge complex where a yarn shop used to be and Ike's diner. That used to be a small strip mall set way back from the Main Street- now right on the sidewalk with parking in the back.

 Cranberry Liquors has not changed much

the following businesses are the same some vacant. the last in this group is now a restaurant but used to be a popular store Butners

Monahan & Co, sold and going out of business.

The old movie theatre complex

replaces the former Bonatt's

the one with the Provincetown bus- all I could think of is they have a long 2 hour ride.

Pilgrim Congregational Church and Memorial Garden

Moorings and Augustus Snow House

various businesses and interesting structures

so got back here before 11. As I was getting off the bus in South Chatham I inhaled a lung full of dust pollen and thought I would choke!. Standing there waiting to cross the street I was crossing a driveway and a car came hell bent and almost did not see me. I had on my sunglasses but gave them a "look" . A day is not complete without that. :D

June 6 2018
Planned to meet two friends up at the Stop & Shop in Orleans. The bus ride was brutal. The bus was 10 minutes later than usual  as well. A cleaning solvent odor and loud radio did not help. A headache started to brew after 10 minutes and I fought the urge to get off and call them and cancel. But soldier on I did. I have got to find a natural remedy for this headache and queasiness. Most likely  sip water and suck on a crystallized piece of ginger.

 Bus was actually pretty much on time up there and they were parked and saw me approach!
Headed to Fort Hill. Construction going on to repair the boardwalk. We did 2 miles. I walked to the tree damage and they picked me up and I walked toward the water and took photos.

They offered to drive me back here after we went through Chatham - the light house and the loop. Gave Karen the tour of the apartment and they headed off to a candy store in Yarmouth

Good day all around. oh and we stopped at Wendy's to pee and she bought me a large black decaf coffee. yum!

Seamus is to work here this Summer

 Fort Hill

that huge tree came down in one of our Nor'Easters this Winter


Chatham Light views and a wash out

no bus trip May 30th I had pulled a rib cage muscle and the jostling of the bus...

May 23 2018

Oh boy- the last two trips may have been quick and dull- this one more than made up for that. Jeepers.
Left here a little after 10 am I hustled to the stop thinking I was late. The bus showed up at 10:25am. I was headed to Dollar General in Yarmouth. Funny how things appear so differently from a bus. And Yarmouth is totally different on foot!
They were deconstructing something on the bike path on my way. Not sure what they are doing but it takes 2-3 men and a huge piece of equipment to make a pile of dirt. Multiple pylon traffic cones in place to block the way. Most of us walked and biked there anyhow.

Harwich Port where a strip of stores used to be- two of which were Ike's Breakfast place and a yarn shop. It is huge! and 2 or 3 stories tall

Empty old Benny's building
Methodist Church steeple in South Yarmouth through bus window
Finally Dollar General. First time when they opened they were pumping the cesspool. Second attempt there were two ambulances outside.
It is almost overwhelming inside- aisle upon aisle of bargain shampoo,t shirts and food. I got a bandana, sunglasses, readers, a solar torch lamp small for one dollar so if it does not work fuck it. 2 packs of googly eyes 87 cents left over from the 20 dollar gift card- I gave that to the woman checking out next to me. Candy was the only alternative and no thanks LOL
Bandana is not 100% cotton of course and is 4 colors

 outside the store wind chimes etc. I guess my hands were full inside- no pix- trust me the place is full.
 My two favorite morning djs were across the street at Dunkin Donuts. That road is enough crossing once so a photo is all I have.
I was feeling faint from hunger so sat down on Mike's steak house picnic bench and had a pita pocket I packed.  Then re belted my jeans and walked rt 28 waiting for the bus. A lot of changes on rt 28

 changes to motels Ann & Frans or whatever they are called and where Leah Stauffer used to live or still does, oh and the business with the elephant out front.  A crazy storm sky- my interpretation of that wall of clouds.Then the bus showed up...

....  and I got on and there was non stop chatter from there to Harwich near the old BZs from a woman going on and on about whatnot. A woman with a motorized wheel chair got on at Patriot square. Now I know when you see the floor move by the door someone is getting on and if sitting in the restricted area for wheel chairs you have to move. Where did I have to move!? the very back of the bus near the windy vent and the chatterer! oh my! I was snapping photos of the process of the wheel chair and people and their shoes and she turns on me and accuses me of taking her photo. She had made the remark "Are you candid camera?" and I retorted "No. Do you want your photo taken?" She instructed me to delete and show her I deleted. My camera does NOT delete it is old- only way to get photos off the sd card is to load then and delete through the computer. But to humor her I handed her the camera and she "deleted". Funny thing is I was worried she deleted all my photos. I get back here and her face is there LOL. >snort<  Not sure which of us has bigger balls. Had to throw in a photo of Bass River from the bus.

 old "Victorian" style house redone  viewed from inside bus in West Dennis.

Breakaway grills and then me trying to capture the wheel chair process and then the woman accusing me of taking her photo LOL oops

that unnerved me a bit but carry on I did.
her foot too LOL

Old BZs new front
Loud mouth and her cohorts getting off the bus!
Lovely view of Ocean State Job Lot and Dollar Tree :D and the parking lot of Griswolds old Mobil station

Bishop's Terrace still standing
process of wheel chair getting off the bus. Gotta say she is mighty speedy with that thing- amazed she can't navigate from here to Hyannis- if she could a bike path. Not quickly though. CCRTA goes out of their way to accommodate all of us. I am very grateful for these free Wednesdays.

Finally South Chatham I get off the bus as two get on. I was tired and hungry. Work stopped  on the bike path for lunch. The cut through a most welcome sight no matter where I have been and I come back here to my brother snoozing after lunch and his two workers napping in their cars LOL

May 16 2018
well I was undecided of whether to head to Dollar General and try to spend  a gift card in Yarmouth or do Chatham. Decided on Chatham.
Seems I forgot to fill out the form in January for mail in ballots. And none showed up for town elections this week.
So this morning I was girding my loins for that ride. Wore sneakers this morning- it is May after all should be warm enough- but nope got feet cold and that triggers IBS- so it was touch & go so to speak for 2 hours before I headed out of here at 10:11am. .Took twelve minutes to walk to the stop and then I paced up and down waiting for the bus which showed up at 10:38. Got to the rotary in Chatham where I got off along with 4 others. Walked briskly to the town offices. I had to be back at the rotary by 11:04! Well hustle I did and filled out the form  then she handed me a ballot that I did not fill out correctly. ugh. Should have brought my glasses but I was trying to travel light for a change. So got that done grabbed a form for filling out next January 2019 for mail in ballots .
Then I really hustled my ass to the rotary. JUST as I was crossing to get to the bus stop at Cumberland Farms the bus approached. I waved my arm wildly and he saw me. Oh so thankful he was observant. I was the only passenger back to rt 137.Phew.
Walked the long way back and saw a dead black cap chickadee in my path :( they are so adorable. So sad. Equals the cuteness of the baby bunny rabbit in the garden this morning. But bunny was alive.

oh also this morning while I was filing the bird bath a car approached and stopped and said "Hey Cynthia, it's me Dan". Dan the paper boy who I have not seen in 10 years! wow. He recognized me by my ass. LOL Just kidding. oh and also on my way to the bus someone in a newish dark Toyota truck beeped at me. It was hauling a cute little sailboat. No clue who that was.

Well May 9 2018
second free bus Wednesday >yawn<
Left here 10:05am waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of time for when the bus showed up on rt 28  for Orleans. Usually after 10:26  I think it was either 10:42 or 10:50 I really forget it was such a dreary ride! No characters. LOL
I think Mrs Stello got on the bus at the Anchorage and was dropped off at the Congregational Church in Chatham. At least it looked like her. We smiled at each other quickly - too noisy to say anything.
Orleans was detours galore. Had the bus drop me at CVS and I walked to Earth House. I wanted to take photos but the light in there is so dark also with daylight coming in the windows. Got 3 packets of incense, one punk like, sandalwood and the others the usual rolled sticks I like cedarwood and amber. Then they had Auric Blends, perfume oils that roll on. I haven't bought them in almost 20 years so I figured okay! Got Aphrodesia and Golden Honeysuckle <<< that one smells like bathroom cleaner LOL well maybe once it dries on my skin it won't. New clerk, I feared I would miss my bus. But little did I know it would be 30 minutes later than the schedule and road construction up the yin yang. There were places by the Mobil station I did not dare stand near. They were flushing manholes and we all know how cautious those workers are. not.

so I have one more errand to wrap up with these free Wednesdays and then try to plan a stop that is picturesque scenery or structures that are interesting and I can pack a snack and be near a rest room. These first two trips were no fun involved.

oh well.

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority has free day passes each year for Senior citizens. This year is Wednesday.
Took my first free bus of 2018 on May 2, 2018

A few days before, I went to the "bus stops" on route 28 to time them. They were where I would hop on for either Chatham Orleans direction or Hyannis direction. That day both buses were 10 minutes off their schedule. Yesterday the one headed into Chatham from Hyannis directions was almost 20 minutes late. I kept pacing/waiting or my back would give out. Not complaining- just glad it was not January! The driver was the one who people complain about her being late. Not sure how she is late- she races! LOL So I had her drop me at the old Friendly's building now another restaurant . Crossed the street into the Great Yarn shop browsed a bit and bought 6 skeins of lovely yarn- still have 5 bucks left on gift certificate. Got outside and looked like I had a 10 minute wait for the 11:09 bus back to Chatham LOL but I looked to my left and the bus was headed toward me. wow good thing I did not have to pee! Got back to the apartment in time for lunch so all was good and free! I do have to address the issue of my eyeglasses giving me a migraine. 2 pairs the lenses fall out. The pair I wore remained intact but a prism rainbow reflected from the rims and gave me a beaut. wish I could afford contacts.

yarn shop

yarn I got!


Next Free Wednesday destination up in the air. I have plenty of things to do and see on rt 28 LOL