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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Walk in the woods diversion

Decided to go down different paths! Someone has place a bench along the way.

 ^^^ half expected to see someone sitting there.
 ^^ water company building. walking back up that path was great for the thighs ugh! LOL
ride 'em cowboy

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sun room- Computer room do over

Finally got rid of the old Dell computer from 2000 on April 6th. It still turned on but no way to hook up to the internet, the monitor screen was so small, and the mouse stopped working. It just took up too much space for something that basically all it had in it was my old family tree. Which had maybe 1,000 in it with many errors. so... DelRoy lifted both pieces down to my car trunk and I drove it to Staples in Orleans where a clerk there came out and lifted both pieces at once. Impressive!

These photos should be self explanatory. May make no sense to others but I had to prove to myself that I could do this.

April 9

April 11

April 12 2018

funny sitting here adding these photos to the blog I see more tweaks in the room to be done. oh well. one day atta time.

I now have to get rid of old electronics like a scanner, cd burner etc that I no longer use.

During all of this I bought a new Libman Wonder Mop. It was impossible to squeeze the water out. I contacted the company and let me say- they need to polish up their responses to someone complaining. I will still buy the mop until something similar and cheaper comes along.

after all this I walked to the garden nursery and bought 3  flats of pansies- hope to plant them before June.

thimk Spring!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Errand day and pix

I Had a long list of items to get and things to do. Staples was top of the list to recycle the old dell monitor and tower. Did that then headed to Star market for food and realized I left the list back here. I decided to "wing it"
only forgot one item.
Waiting to be waited on at Staples noticed this :
pretty slick. By the way the clerk picked up both the monitor and the tower at the same time and walked with them ugh. The tower maybe but that monitor weighed a ton.
 a lamp was broken at my house check way back i January. Noticed it was fixed.
 heading for the mall was behind this truck and took a photo of it- which turned out to be a video. fail. so zoomed as best I could the license before it made a right turn. oh POO LOL
Dennis Pond on my way back here
I have been trying to get photos of an Inn on Summer street and a wrought iron structure  on the corner for years. still need to get the  wrought iron in better light. oh well.
Parnassus books

now for Bass Hole- Grays Beach - I have never seen such a low tide. and pot holes!

The is an older house in need of repair that you could drive into if not careful on the curve to Bass Hole. Was able to get a photo on my way out. Progress. Not criticizing- I know upkeep is horrendously expensive.

fascinating old house in shambles near where Bradlees used to be in Dennis Port
 That's all folks